PPM(Shen Zhen) Inc.
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                Corporate Duty

                Responsibility for customers

                The company has a high visibility in the industry and upholds the concept of credibility and compliance. Our company has developed a strict quality assurance system, remains committed to technical breakthroughs in the industry and technology integration for whole industry chain and has established an orderly, efficient, normalized and honest business environment for win-win cooperation. This will ensure that superior quality products and best after-sales service are provided for customers to constantly enhance their satisfaction.

                Responsibility for employees

                In the 21st century, talents are the core competence of enterprises and first-class talents make first-rate enterprises. Therefore, our company treasures, cultivates and retains talents to proactively create talent competence, which rests with sound HR management. The company has comprehensive HR policies; has made a series of rules and regulations such as Employee Training Management, HR Management System and Performance Appraisal Management, specifying employment, training, termination, resignation, remuneration, welfare and security, performance appraisal, promotion, reward and punishment; has established a perfect performance appraisal system which has being fully implemented to foster the organic unity of power, responsibility and profit for employees at all levels and effective execution of intra-company control.

                The company signs labor contracts with employees, guarantees their legal rights and interests and adopts various management on a basis of people-oriented concept.

                PPM Solution

                Our company has been pursuing higher power,lower consumption, less emission, and safer driving as a sustained goal for technology development. We focus on core products application on global vehicle platforms and have been highly regarded by customers and society.

                Valve Train
                Fuel System
                Emission System
                Safety System
                Steering System

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